X. Serials Record Standards

Purpose of serials

The purpose of serials is to allow the VLC member libraries to have online access to their serials holdings and to have the ability to exercise descriptive control over them

B. Authority to enter or alter information in serials

The authority to enter or alter information in serials will be based on the member library successfully completing serials training.  If a member library fails to comply with these standards it will be brought to the attention of the Database Committee.
C. Database Maintenance

1. Responsibility

The member library will be responsible for complying with the standards for the serials records.

If a member library chooses not to participate in serials, it is still their responsibility to inform the VLC staff of changes in serials information for those serial titles held by their institutions and included in the VLC database.

2.  Serial Bibliographic Records

Full MARC records are to be input for all serials cataloged on the HORIZON system. The standard Horizon serials displays are adaptations of the ANSI Z39.44 standard.  When adding a copy record to a serials bibliographic record the member library should use the text serials bibliographic record.  When the text record is not available, the bibliographic record in the format for the item in hand should be used.

For those serials received on a daily and weekly basis that migrated, the location information was entered in the title field 245 subfield a.  This required separate bibliographic records. The location information is in the city/branch format.


Serial bibliographic records require the use of the Serials Format as defined in USMARC Format for Bibliographic Data or OCLC's Bibliographic Formats and Standards, utilizing the standards established in the current edition of the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules.
3.  Authority Control

In addition to the standards outlined below, the standards as established by the Database Control Committee for monographs also apply for serials.  Each member library is required to follow those standards.

4. Each member library actively receiving a serial will establish its own publication pattern.