VII. Database Maintenance

VLC staff shall have the responsibility of coordinating the database input efforts of the individual institutions.  Members of the VLC will locate, report, and resolve problems following the procedures established by the VLC.

It is the responsibility of all VLC members to maintain the highest quality bibliographic database.  Members must either correct database errors or consult with other affected libraries when in doubt.  Recurring or consistent problems should be reported to the Database Chair.  When a member is unable to make the correction, refer to the “Reporting Forms” (Procedures, I. F.)

A. Merging Records

1. All unique information must be retained and placed on the bib record being saved.

2.  For any distinctive bibliographic work there should be only one record in the database.  VLC libraries are expected to follow the guidelines determining what constitutes a distinctive bibliographic work that are provided in the most recent edition of OCLC's Bibliographic Formats and Standards.

3.  Merging should be performed on a timely and ongoing basis.  Institutions without the ability to merge records should report duplicate title records to the VLC. 

4.  Priority of Bibliographic Records in the Database

a. A record with an OCLC control number in the 001
b. A record with the LCCN in the 001
c. The most complete full MARC record

B. Deletion of Records

1. Any time an institution withdraws an item from its collection, authorized personnel at that institution must delete the appropriate items record in a timely manner.

2. Any time an institution has deleted the last items record attached to a bibliographic record, the authorized personnel of that institution MUST delete the bibliographic record.

3. The Committee may recommend system-wide purges of the bibliographic database.