VI. Serial vs. Monographic Records

A.  Definitions

1.  AACR2 defines a monograph as "a nonserial item, i.e., an item either complete in one part or complete, or intended to be completed, in a finite number of separate parts." 

2.  A serial is defined as a “publication in any medium issued in successive parts bearing numerical or chronological designations and intended to be continued indefinitely."

3.  A series is defined as a “group of separate items related to one another by the fact that each item bears, in addition to its own title proper, a collective title applying to the group as a whole.  The individual items may or may not be numbered.”

B.  If the various volumes of a serial contain different information, the library may choose instead to use a monographic record for each volume and then add the appropriate series statements to each record.

C.  When adding an item to a serial bib record, a copy record is required for the library.

D.  Do not add copy records to monographic bib records.