V. Newspaper Index Database

1.  Introduction
The Newspaper Index database enables libraries to provide patrons with an index to their local newspaper.  The records include the title of the article, an abstract, page, section, column numbers, and dates.

Choice of subjects to index will remain up to the individual libraries.  Some examples are:

Major sports events
Major accidents and disasters
Major crimes
Vital statistics – obituaries, marriages, births, divorces
Local governments and elections
Local businesses and industries
State and national events that affect the local area

2.   Guidelines for Subject Headings – choosing the appropriate Library of Congress subject heading

a.  Use the most specific subject headings that are applicable

b.  Use as many subject headings as necessary to cover the contents of the particular article

c.  Be consistent

d.  Check the database to see if the subject headings chosen are already in use

e.  If it is necessary to add a new authority record use the appropriate MARC tag.  Consult the chapter on authority records in the Horizon Cataloging Manual for methods of entry

f.  Use a local phone book and/or phone call to verify the correct form of a named entity such as a business or government agency

g.  Use chronological and geographical subdivisions as currently established in the database

h.  Use “see” and “see also” references to increase accessibility

                                                  * CRM required
NEWSPAPER                                * Searchable field

MARC tag 900 Newspaper - Name/Publisher

1.  Name of the newspaper you are indexing

Example:  Saginaw News, Bay City Times, Midland Daily News


MARC tag 901 Newspaper - Edition

1.  Edition of the paper being indexed

2.  Always use the same edition

Example:  Second

                                                  *CRM required
DATE                                          * Searchable field

MARC tag 902 Newspaper - Date

1.  Enter the date of the newspaper

2.  Enter the complete year, the number of the month, then the day

Example:  1997 7 17

                                                 *CRM required
TITLE                                         * Searchable field

MARC tag 903 Newspaper - Title 

1.  Title of the article exactly as written in the newspaper

2.  Enter title in all caps

3.  Enter the proper filing indicator


                                                * CRM required
SUBJECT                                   * Searchable field

MARC tag 904 Newspaper - Subject Added Entry (Authority controlled)

1.  Subject(s) of the article

2.  Use Library of Congress Subject Headings and follow the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules. 

3.  Enter names as needed for subjects

Sacred Heart Catholic Church (Saginaw, Mich.)
Bay County Library System (Bay County, Mich.)    
Jablonski, T. J.
Bay City (Mich.) – Economic conditions
Saginaw Bay (Mich.)
Traffic accidents – Michigan – Saginaw County
Michigan.  Family Independence Agency

ABSTRACT                                                   * Searchable field  

MARC tag 905 Newspaper - Abstract

1.  Option:  add a short summary of the article or use subtitle

2.  Use all Standard Newspaper Terms that apply

Examples: Chart, Editorial, Graph, Illustration, Letter to Editor, Map, Photograph, Table


AUTHOR                                                      * Searchable field

MARC tag 906 Newspaper - Author/Primary Name (Authority controlled)

1.  The author of the text, if desired

Example: Bellinger, Denise

PAGE                                                            *CRM required

MARC tag 907 subfield a Newspaper - Page

1.  The beginning page number of the article

2.  Include section letter with page number

Example: 3b, D14


MARC tag 915 Newspaper – Location entering the record

(Set in Work Form)