Operational Guidelines

Decision Making Process: The Council should attempt to make decisions by consensus.  If attempts to reach consensus fail, then a simple majority will rule.
  All major items that require a decision should be presented at least at two meetings.  The item should appear first as a Discussion Item, then as a Decision Item.
Quorum: Each VLC member library shall have one seat on the Administrative Council.  A simple majority of Council members constitutes a quorum.
Election of Chair: The Chair-elect of the Council will be elected at the last meeting of the fiscal year.  Two meetings prior to that meeting, a nominating committee will be appointed.
Minutes: The VLC staff will be responsible for taking minutes at the Council meetings and at the Board meetings.  A meeting packet consisting of minutes, reports, and the agenda will be mailed out at least one week before the next meeting.
Executive Dir. Report: The Executive Director will be responsible for providing a written report for each meeting.  This report shall be in a standard format and shall be distributed to the Council members as part of the meeting packet.
Reports from Meetings: Reports from committees should be mailed out ahead of time with the meeting packet.
Agenda Format: A standard agenda format will be followed for all regular meetings.  Anyone wishing to add to the agenda should contact the Executive Director at least two (2) weeks before the next meeting.  The Executive Director, in consultation with the Chair, has the responsibility of making sure that agendas do not get overcrowded.