IV. Circulation

A. Material Circulation

1. Circulation policies are based on the item owning location.

2. See the Interlibrary Loan Procedures (Section VI) when circulating materials from other locations.

B. Borrower Records

Each institution is responsible for maintaining its own borrower records on the VLC database. Borrowers will be required to register separately at each VLC library. Therefore, it is possible to have multiple records for the same borrower in the database. The borrower record created by each library is only searchable/accessible by that library with the exception of a barcode search.

Horizon requires that data be entered in the following fields:  borrower name, and borrower type.  The system supplies the following required fields: borrower number, location, notice by, registration date, last updated, last CKO date, last authentication date, number of CKO’s, and approval status.  A member library may request that additional fields be required for its location.  Contact the VLC for customization.

The borrower's name and address fields must be entered in all CAPITAL letters to comply with the U.S. Postal Service guidelines.  All other borrower fields may be entered in upper and/or lower case. Do not include periods after abbreviations or initials when entering data in the NAME and ADDRESS fields.

1.  Borrower Record Fields

a.  Barcode:  All borrower barcodes must begin with a “2” and be a 14 digit Codabar barcode.

b.  Name: This field may only contain alpha characters, hyphens, apostrophes, and commas.  Enter the borrower's name using this format: last name, first name and middle initial in all capital letters. Titles such as JR or SR should be added at the end of the name with a preceding comma. Do not include periods after abbreviations or initials. Last names such as O'Leary should be entered with the apostrophe. Hyphenated last names such as Petulski-Gartner should be entered with the hyphen. Refer to the examples listed below for borrower name formatting.


c.  Address: This set of fields will accept more than one address for each borrower record.  The address type must be entered in the appropriate value.  Enter the apartment, suite, room number, PO box, or rural route in line one of the address field. Enter the street information in line two. If the borrower provides only street information, enter it in line one. Do not include periods after abbreviations. Refer to the examples below for address formatting.
Example 1:                         Example 2:
Line 1/ APT 822                 Line 1/ 909 E MAIN ST
Line 2/ 909 E MAIN ST 

Example 3:
Line 1/ PO Box 5  
Line 2/ 909 E MAIN ST

d.  City, State: Enter the Horizon code for the city (e.g. SAG, BAY, MID). The complete name of the city and the state will automatically be entered in the field. Click on the CODES button if you need a list of the codes.  If the location you need is not listed, enter “temp” to complete the record.  You must also contact the VLC in order to add the codes for the location not listed.

e.  Postal Code: Enter the borrower's postal code. The system accepts either a five-digit code or a nine-digit code.

48798                48798-1001

f.  Borrower Loan Type: Enter one of your library's valid borrower loan type codes. Click on the CODES button to see the list of codes.

g.  Borrower Stat Class: Enter one (or more) borrower statistical class codes. Click on the CODES button to see the list of codes.

h.  Additional Borrower Fields: The remaining borrower record fields are optional and should be entered as dictated by your library's policies.

2.  For additional information, refer to the Horizon Circulation User’s Guide