IV. Bibliographic Record Formats (The following Horizon formats are approved for use)

A. Full MARC Records (Full MARC records are to be input for the majority of the materials in the VLC database.)

1.  The descriptive cataloging of complete records must comply with current Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, the Library of Congress Rule        Interpretations, and Library of Congress Subject Headings.

2.  Records must be encoded in the OCLC-MARC format, which uses the 001 field for the OCLC number.  All fields indicated as mandatory or required in the OCLC level I input standards, including fixed fields, must be filled in completely and accurately.

3.  Cataloging and coding variations for different types of materials must be followed.  The standards to be followed are found in the latest editions of the OCLC manuals.

4.  The 040 field containing the cataloging library’s three (3) letter code in subfield a must be present on all records cataloged originally by VLC member libraries on Horizon.  Libraries must enter their 3 letter code in subfield d of the 040 when editing records that do not already have the 040 tag.

5.  VLC MARC Tag Requirements for all records:

001 control number (OCLC control number or three letter location code, ddmmyyyy, and horizon bib number)
007 all subfields as appropriate
008 (fixed field information) - as appropriate to the format
010 subfield a: (LCCN) – when applicable
020 subfield a: (ISBN) – when applicable
022 subfield a: (ISSN) – when applicable
040 subfield a (when original), subfield d (when editing)
086 subfield a: (government documents classification number) – when applicable
1xx subfield a: (author) – when applicable; other subfields as needed
245 subfield a: (title) – other subfields as needed
260 subfields a,b,c (publisher information) (archival cataloging requirements may differ)
300 subfields a, c (physical description) – except for remote access only records
856 Electronic PURL or URL – required only for remote access records

6.  All new MARC records loaded, from whatever source, must be reviewed and brought up to standards once in Horizon by the VLC member attaching the first circulating item.  All unique information must be retained and placed on the bib record being saved.

7.  Remote-access links.  The library attaching the first item to the bib containing a link to an electronic document or page is responsible for maintaining an existing 856 tag (Electronic Location and Access tag) or removing a non-functioning tag from the bibliographic record.

Bib records for restricted resources need language in the 856 $z which reflects who can access the records.
Examples:  Public Libraries of Saginaw legal service area cardholders click here.
            Caro, Gladwin, Iosco-Arenac cardholders click here.

Local item records must clearly indicate that the item is not available in physical format and the ITYPE must be one that will not allow holds to be placed on the item

B. Horizon Short MARC (Generic) Records

Bibliographic records in less than full-MARC format are acceptable for certain kinds of ephemeral materials.  Complete access is not available for these materials, but some kind of record must be in the database for circulation purposes.  Libraries may create agency specific generic bibliographic records. Libraries wishing to attach items to these bibliographic records must follow the examples provided in the Procedures.  These records will be designated as “staff only” and will not appear in the public catalog.

Records are available for the following items:

Annual report
College catalog
Comic book
In-house use item  
Interloan item
Leased item
Phono record
Vertical file

C.  Horizon Fast-add Records 

Fast-add records are to be used only for circulating materials that have not yet been cataloged.  At checkin the Fast-add record will be automatically deleted from the system and a message to that effect will appear on the screen.  The Fast-add title will be entered in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS with –FA at the end of the title.  Fast-add records will not be permitted to remain on the system longer that 120 days and they will be deleted periodically by VLC.   Member libraries are responsible for seeing that Fast-add items are properly cataloged on MARC records.  Items circulated on Fast-add records should not have a loan period longer than 90 days.

D. Pre-publication MARC Records from approved utilities

Institutions may load pre-publication MARC records from approved utilities for titles they expect to receive.  Libraries may attach their anticipated items to these records.

It is the responsibility of the library attaching the first barcode item for an item available for use to upgrade the record once the item has been received.  If the item is NOT received, the bibliographic record must be deleted unless other libraries have attached items. 

Libraries that have attached items to a pre-pub bibliographic record must upgrade the items record if the item is received or delete the items record if the item is not received.

E.  Acquisitions records

MARC vendor order records may be loaded or Horizon ACQ order records may be created for use with acquisitions.  These records must conform to section IX-Acquisistions Records Standards.  Records loaded or created for use with this module must be replaced with records from an approved source.

F. Reserve item records

Libraries using Horizon Reserves may create records for reserve items as needed.    All information added for reserve items must be in all CAPITAL LETTERS.  This includes instructor names, author names, call numbers, course ID’s, and titles and authors of personal items.