III. Authority to Alter Bibliographic Records in the VLC Database

Members are responsible for editing bib records in the database to conform to current Anglo-American Cataloging Rules and Library of Congress Subject Headings.  Participating libraries are responsible for training staff to alter or edit bib records.  Individuals may alter or edit bib records if the following conditions are met:

A.  Use MARC records loaded from an approved utility and/or institution.

B.  Use the latest editions of the following cataloging tools

1.  Anglo-American Cataloging Rules
2.  OCLC’s Bibliographic Formats and Standards
3.  Classification tools from the list above in Section II. B. 3

C.  Participate in a catalog-training course provided by the VLC, the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services, or an accredited university. Other courses may be approved by the Committee.