II. Authority to Enter Bibliographic Records in the VLC Database

Members are responsible for adding MARC bibliographic records for all items entered into the system.  All members adding records to the VLC database must use OCLC. Alternatively, participating libraries may enter original bibliographic records if the following conditions are met:

A.  Use approved MARC formats.

B.  Use the latest editions of the following cataloging tools, as needed.  (Some of these tools are available on the web.)

1.  Descriptive Cataloging
     a.  Anglo-American Cataloging Rules
     b.  Library of Congress Rule Interpretations

2.  OCLC’s Bibliographic Formats and Standards

3.  Classification scheme (as appropriate to the member library)
     a.  Library of Congress Classification
     b.  Dewey Decimal Classification and Relative Index
     c.  ANSCR (Alpha-numeric System for Classification of Recordings)
     d.  National Library of Medicine Classification
     e.  Superintendent of Documents number
     f.  Locally defined classification system may be used

4. Subject Headings (as appropriate to the member library)
    a.  Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH)
    b.  “Annotated Card Program” contained in LCSH (Children’s subject headings)
    c.  Medical Subject Headings (MESH)
    d.  Other Library of Congress-approved thesauri

C.  Participate in a catalog-training course provided by the VLC, the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services, or an accredited university. Other courses may be approved by the Committee.

D. Members wishing to enter original MARC cataloging into the VLC database and to have access to the authority files for the first time are required to follow the procedures as outlined in Procedures, I.A.