I. Purpose and Governance of the Database Control Committee

The purpose of the Database Control Committee, herein after referred to as the Committee, is to oversee the management of the Valley Library Consortium (VLC) database in order to further the mission and goals of the VLC and ensure that data entered conforms to mutually agreed upon standards.

Under the authority of the Administrative Council, herein after referred to as the Council, the Committee shall be responsible for developing, recommending, and establishing policies, priorities, and procedures for the building and maintenance of the Valley Library Consortium database. The Committee will have the authority to review, approve, and if necessary, reject the entry or utilization of any format for any member library, which does not conform to the standards established by the Committee.  Further, the Committee shall have the authority, with the approval of the Council, to review, approve, reschedule, modify, and if warranted, reject any member library's project or program.  The Committee will address control of special projects, such as major MARC loading or borrower mailing notification, which threaten to hinder effective response time.

Committee recommendations will be enforced by the Council to ensure the integrity of the database.  Member libraries shall have the right to appeal to the Council any recommendation made by the Committee.

The Committee shall consist of one representative from each VLC member library. The appropriate VLC staff members shall serve as ex officio members.  The officers will consist of the Chair and the Chair-Elect.  The Chair shall be responsible for setting the agenda and conducting the meeting.  The Chair-Elect shall serve as Chair in the Chair’s absence.  All decisions must be reached by majority vote of the Committee members present, with nine members representing a quorum and each member having one vote. The Committee shall have the authority to establish sub-committees and task forces. 

The Council may add or alter representation on the Committee to reflect new membership or other changes within the Consortium.  The Committee may invite staff members from prospective libraries to attend Committee meetings.