Horizon Collection Code Form

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Collection codes group related items that are shelved together within the library. Some examples of collections include fiction, nonfiction, and reference items.

Please select and fill in the requested information to add, change, or delete a Collection code.

All fields marked with a red * are required.

Please select your library name.
Please enter your first and last names for verification purposes.
Would you like to add, change, or delete a record? When you ADD a new code, be sure to fill in ALL fields. When CHANGING a code, only fill in the fields you want changed.
Enter an alpha or alphanumeric code of not more than 7 characters, beginning with your branch's alpha code.
Enter a name or short description of the collection.
This field will display to the public in the Public Access Catalog. This field cannot be left blank.
Enter the collection's description that is to print on the spine labels. This code can contain up to eight characters.
If using Horizon to print spine labels, enter the spine label set used.  (A spine label set determines what is printed on the labels.  The VLC can tell you which spine label set you are currently using.)
If the items in this collection should be indexed in the call number index, select "Yes," if not, select "No."
Enter the amount charged as a replacement cost if no price exists on the item record.
If you use Horizon Inventory, enter "Y" if you want items in this collection reported as misshelved on the Inventory Exceptions Report.  Enter "N" if you don't want it to show up.
Optional. Fill in this field if you have special instructions for a VLC staff member.
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