Function of the Administrative Council

From the VLC Bylaws:

The Administrative Council will function as a Standing Committee and will consist of one authorized representative from each member institution.  The Executive Director shall serve as an ex-officio member.  The Administrative Council shall meet at least six (6) times per year.  Minutes of the Council’s meetings shall be submitted to all Board members and members of the Administrative Council.  Subcommittees or Task Forces may be created by the Administrative Council.  The Administrative Council shall be responsible for the following:

  1. Review and recommend the annual budget to the Board.
  2. Assist in the selection of Consortium personnel.
  3. Review policies and procedures of the Consortium and make recommendations to the Board for any necessary changes in policies and/or procedures.  
  4. Review membership requests and make recommendations to the Board for action.

Position:  Subcommittee of the Board.

Purpose:  Responsible for making recommendations to the Board.

Membership:  One (1) representative with one (1) vote from each member library.

Officers:  Chair, responsible for setting the agenda and conducting the meeting.  Chair-elect, serves as Chair in the absence of the Chair.

Quorum:  A majority of the membership. All decisions require a majority vote of those present.

Meeting Time:  Third (3rd) Wednesday of every month at 10am.