III. Serials Records

A.  Copy Record Information

The information provided on the copy record governs the public catalog display, the claiming function, and the check-in function of the system.  Each serial title received in multiple physical formats must have a separate copy record for each physical format.

When a title is withdrawn from a member library's collection, the accompanying copy record (s) and item(s) should be deleted.

When a title change occurs the old title copy record (s) should be set to “not currently received”.  A note should be placed in the public note field of all copy records referring the user to the current title.   When the issues of the old title are discarded, the copy record(s) should be deleted.

B.  Publication Pattern Information

The publication pattern determines the prediction of issues used in the check-in function of the module. The Horizon system allows each member library to create individual publication patterns. Member libraries needing a new chronology pattern should contact the VLC staff. 
C.  Summary of Holdings Information

Horizon Serials maintains a summary of holdings for serials titles that are currently received. Summary of holdings appears in the Bibliographic Detail window for the title. Serials automatically maintains summary of holdings for only those issues with a copy record flagged for summary of holdings and checked in through SCKI.
D.  Item Record Information
Whether or not your library intends to circulate serials, it is necessary to create at least one item record. This will activate the ownership icon in the public catalog