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Knowledge Unlatched and EBSCO Information Services Announce Subscribe-to-Open Cooperation

Library Technology Reports - Thu, 2020-05-28 12:02
(May 28, 2020). Knowledge Unlatched, the international initiative for Open Access, and EBSCO Information Services, one of the market leaders in the global library services industry, announced their joint efforts to further support libraries worldwide in their move to OA. Through cooperation they will help publishers shift paywalled subscription journals to OA publications thanks to the innovative Subscribe-to-Open (S2O) model in which libraries fund the publication of journal content to be made open worldwide.
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Association of Research Libraries Names Judy Ruttenberg Senior Director of Scholarship and Policy

Library Technology Reports - Thu, 2020-05-28 12:02
(May 28, 2020). The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) is pleased to announce that Judy Ruttenberg is taking on a new role as the senior director of scholarship and policy. Ruttenberg joined ARL in 2011 as program director for transforming research libraries, later serving as the director of Scholars & Scholarship and then as the senior director of program strategy.
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EBSCO Information Services Supports Google's Campus Activated Subscriber Access (CASA)

Library Technology Reports - Wed, 2020-05-27 18:01
(May 27, 2020). EBSCO Information Services announced a partnership with Campus Activated Subscriber Access (CASA) through Google Scholar. Those who start their research in Google Scholar can now access EBSCO content with a seamless user experience while conducting research off-campus.
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Aspen Discovery Announces 20.07.00 Release and Notes

Library Technology Reports - Wed, 2020-05-27 18:01
(May 27, 2020). Aspen Discovery announced this week that the 20.07 release is available. This major release includes 46 improvements and 7 performance & reliability fixes.
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Patron Point connects with Demco SignUp

Library Technology Reports - Wed, 2020-05-27 12:00
(May 27, 2020). Patron Point announced it has connected the events feed from Demco SignUp into its marketing automation platform. Libraries can now automatically pull events they have listed in their Demco SignUp system and seamlessly include them in Patron Point campaigns. The events can be promoted in one-off emails, as part of newsletters, or within the day-to-day notices such as hold pick up notices, courtesy notices and overdue notices sent by Patron Point.
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Soutron Global unveils additional support for information professionals as part of new COVID-19 Financial Program

Library Technology Reports - Wed, 2020-05-27 12:00
(May 27, 2020). International library transformation company Soutron Global announced another layer of its COVID-19 financial support package for information professionals. For a limited time, Soutron Global will offer free Discovery for all resources (connectors) until December 31, 2020.
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EBSCO Information Services Appointed to the Advanced Procurement Universities and Colleges (APUC) Framework, Library Management Systems, ITS 1028 AP

Library Technology Reports - Wed, 2020-05-27 12:00
(May 27, 2020). EBSCO Information Services announced that Advanced Procurement Universities and Colleges (APUC), the centre of procurement expertise for universities in Scotland, has appointed EBSCO to a competitive multi-supplier Library Management Systems framework agreement for university libraries in the United Kingdom. Institutions with membership of SUPC, LUPC, NWUPC, NEUPC or HEPWC may also use the framework. UK Institutions undertaking a competitive framework mini-competition will be able to evaluate a range of solutions including the option of FOLIO Library Services Platform and EBSCO's expertise in implementing, hosting and providing services through EBSCO FOLIO Services.
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University of Nottingham adopts Yewno Discover to optimize research efficiency

Library Technology Reports - Wed, 2020-05-27 12:00
(May 27, 2020). Yewno announced that The University of Nottingham, one of the world's top research universities, will be implementing their AI-driven Yewno Discover platform. As a web-based system, Yewno Discover is an ideal tool for distance learning and will form part of the University's online discovery tools.
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Eastern Mennonite University migrates to TIND ILS

Library Technology Reports - Tue, 2020-05-26 17:57
(May 26, 2020). TIND announced that another U.S. academic library has chosen to migrate to the TIND ILS. Eastern Mennonite University is currently implementing the TIND ILS, migrating from a SirsiDynix instance of Symphony.
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SirsiDynix launches BLUEcloud Course Lists for North America

Library Technology Reports - Tue, 2020-05-26 17:57
(May 26, 2020). SirsiDynix announced the North American launch of BLUEcloud Course Lists, a course reading list management solution for universities, colleges, and schools. BLUEcloud Course Lists gives instructors and library staff the tools they need to collaborate effectively to create interactive online lists of resources that students need for their studies. BLUEcloud Course Lists is now available to all libraries in North America. Availability to all other regions is projected to follow in the third quarter.
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Southeast Community College selects Library.Solution

Library Technology Reports - Tue, 2020-05-26 17:57
(May 26, 2020). Southeast Community College has selected The Library Corporation's Library.Solution as their next-generation library management platform.
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Virtual VuFind Summit 2020 Announced

Library Technology Reports - Tue, 2020-05-26 11:57
(May 26, 2020). The organizers of the Villanova VuFind Summit and the organizers of the International VuFind Summit 2021 are very happy to announce that they are preparing a Virtual VuFind Summit 2020 in a joint effort in order to have a fantastic community event in early autumn this year despite the difficult circumstances we all are experiencing right now because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the current restrictions in traveling and social distancing - not to mention the health risks - it is impractical to have the regular Villanova VuFind Summit in Mid-October take place in person. The International VuFind Summit 2020 in Leipzig, scheduled for September 30 until October 2, was also postponed to 2021 for the same reason. As a result, the organizers see this as a chance to bring the international VuFind community together in one event which will be held entirely online as a virtual conference.
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Hyperlinked Environments – COVID-19 and the Immediate Online Student

Tame the Web - Mon, 2020-05-25 08:00
With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the school closures that followed, many children around the world have become online students almost overnight. As teachers and administrators scramble to create an online alternative, many students are working out of paper packets and using school provided e-resources like Pordigy, Epic, and MobyMax to fill in the teaching gap. Teachers, […]
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TLC Launches Successful Webinar Series in Response to COVID-19

Library Technology Reports - Fri, 2020-05-22 11:48
(May 22, 2020). The team at The Library Corporation has been amazed and proud of the level of effort libraries across the country have taken to continue to serve their communities in the time of COVID-19. We have recognized the unique and inventive ways libraries have pivoted and we have found inspiration in their work.
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We are back on Twitter tomorrow for #LITAchat

LITA Blog - Thu, 2020-05-21 17:52

Are you ready for the next Twitter #LITAchat? Join the discussion on Friday, May 22, from 12-1pm Central Time. We will be asking you to tell us about challenges with working from home. Are there things you can’t do and wish you could? Are there issues with your home setup in general? Anne Pepitone will lead the discussion.

We invite you to join us tomorrow to share your experiences and chat with your colleagues.

Follow LITA on Twitter

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We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

-The LITA Membership Development Committee

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MOBIUS Migrates North Texas Library Consortium

Library Technology Reports - Thu, 2020-05-21 17:46
(May 21, 2020). MOBIUS announced that the North Texas Library Consortium, which utilizes the Evergreen ILS, successfully migrated and went live on its MOSS (MOBIUS Open Source Solutions) service on April 28, 2020. Previously, the Consortium was a self-supported Evergreen instance. MOBIUS performed data migration services and also provides data hosting and support to the Consortium.
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LITA Job Board Analysis Report – Laura Costello (Chair, Assessment & Research) LITA Assessment & Research and Diversity & Inclusion Committees

LITA Blog - Thu, 2020-05-21 15:28

Background & Data

This report comes from a joint analysis conducted by LITA’s Assessment & Research and Diversity & Inclusion committees in Fall 2019. The analysis focused on the new and emerging trends in skills in library technology jobs and the types of positions that are currently in demand. It also touches on trends in diversity and inclusion in job postings and best practices for writing job ads that attract a diverse and talented candidate pool. 

The committees were provided with a list of 678 job postings from the LITA job board between 2015-2019. Data included the employer information, the position title, the location (city/state) the posting date. Some postings also included a short description. The Assessment & Research Committee augmented the dataset with job description, responsibilities, qualifications, and salary information for a 25% sample of the postings from each year using archival job posting information. Committee members also assigned metadata for the type of position and indicated the presence or absence of salary information in the posting.

Literature Review

The dataset analyzed for this project is aimed at job postings in library technology. There are several examples in the literature of job advertisement analyses that focus on library technology skills and the particular requirements and skillsets required for these types of positions. Despite the focus on technology skills, examples from the literature still show that a Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) or equivalent degree is required between 79.3% and 90.1% of the time (Choi & Rasmussen, 2009; Triumph & Beile, 2015).

As in the sample examined in this study, many library jobs have a strong technology component. Triumph and Beile (2015) found that computer skills were explicitly stated and required in all but 17.2% of positions. Additionally, Choi & Rasmussen (2009) found that experience with digital library/digital information systems or services and web development/design experience were the most sought-after skills in academic library technology job postings from 1999-2007. An analysis of the jobs posted to Code4Lib from 2008-2018 (Gonzales, 2019) found changes in the technology skills required over that time period, including an increase in demand for Python, XML, and Java.

The presence of salary information in library job postings has also been examined in the literature. Triumph and Beile (2015) found that only 35.2% postings in their sample listed salary information. Silva and Galbraith (2018) found that women and librarians with less experience were less likely to engage in salary negotiation and recommend clarity in salary information in job postings for greater equity.

Job Trend Analysis

The LITA ARC examined several aspects of jobs posted to the LITA job board including information about the pool of employers and the type of employment sought. The committee also looked at the types of skills and qualifications sought in job postings and the presence of salary information. There were 395 unique employers in the dataset and 71% of these were unique. 11% of employers returned to post multiple jobs in the same year while 18% returned in different years to post jobs. In the sample of jobs coded by ARC (n=172), most of the postings were for librarian positions (45.6%) followed by library technology (22.7%), administrative or director (19.2%), staff (11.6%) and teaching faculty (0.6%). An analysis of job title keywords from the sample reflected this breakdown and revealed mostly simple descriptive job title language. A word cloud of the results below shows “librarian” in the top position. Terms like “library,” “technology,” “director,” “services,” and “digital” were also popular in job titles.

Figure 1: Word Cloud of Job Title Keywords

The sample was a mix of library and technology jobs, so the percentage of the jobs posted to the LITA job board that required an MLIS was lower than what was observed in the literature. Only 62.2% of jobs required an MLIS overall. The figure below shows a pie chart of the overall percentage and a breakdown of required MLIS by job type: 94.9% of the positions coded as librarian required the MLIS, 78.8% of admin/director positions, 12.8% of technology positions, and 5% of staff positions.

Figure 2: Pie Chart Showing Percentage of positions with MLIS Required

The ARC also examined 70 complete postings from 2019 to understand the trends in job posting language. A word count analysis was conducted on the full text of the job descriptions, skills and duties, and qualifications. Data was cleaned to combine similar terms and clarify usage of ambiguous terms. Though only 19% of the jobs in this sample were categorized as administrators or directors, leadership, management, and supervisory skills were the most frequently mentioned skills in 2019 (436 instances). Communication, collaboration, and teamwork skills were also highly sought after (328 instances) followed by planning and strategic skills (152 instances). Technology skills frequently mentioned included development (116 instances), general digital and technology skills (331 instances), and software/hardware administration and maintenance (176 instances). Sought after library skills included information/research (370 instances), reference (41 instances), data (115 instances), collections (120 instances), cataloging/metadata (79 instances), instruction/teaching (120 instances), and scholarship or scholarly communications (72 instances). In addition, these specific technology tool skills were frequently mentioned:

  • Web, websites: 116 instances
  • Discovery: 43 instances
  • Databases: 32 instances
  • Repository: 31 instances
  • Statistics: 19 instances
  • Server: 17 instances
  • ILS: 13 instances
  • Proxy: 13 instances
  • Primo: 12 instances
  • php: 12 instances
  • Digitization: 12 instances
  • Alma: 12 instances
  • Python: 11 instances
  • HathiTrust: 11 instances

Salary information was posted for 39% of the positions that had complete information (n=223). This percentage is higher than the figure found by Triumph and Beile in their 2015 analysis, which could mean a positive trend in salary posting information. The highest listed annual salary was $233,000 and the lowest listed was $33,880. The average salary range was $67,331-$89,282.

Diversity & Inclusion Best Practices

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee analyzed a sample of the augmented job posting information and developed several recommendations for position posting.

Recommendations for Job Descriptions:

Best Practices:

Job Requirements:

  • Regularly revise or rewrite job descriptions to ensure that job requirements are clear and focused on the results of an activity rather than standardized requirements (Hire for Talent)
  • Avoid posting requirements that are nonessential and may disqualify candidates who are otherwise qualified for the position (Hire for Talent)
  • Clearly indicate the physical working conditions and hours of work (Hire for Talent)
  • Exclude educational requirements if they are not necessary for success in the position (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Recruitment, Hiring and Retention)


Choi, Y., & Rasmussen, E. (2009). What qualifications and skills are important for digital librarian positions in academic libraries? A job advertisement analysis. The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 35(5), 457-467.

Gonzales, B. M.  (2019). Computer programming for librarians: A study of job postings for library technologists. Journal of Web Librarianship, 13(1), 20-36.

Mathews, J. M., & Pardue, H. (2009). The Presence of IT skill sets in librarian position announcements. College & Research Libraries, 70(3), 250-257.

Silva, E., & Galbraith, Q. (2018). Salary negotiation patterns between women and men in academic libraries. College & Research Libraries, 79(3), 324.

Triumph, T. F., & Beile, P. M. (2015). The trending academic library job market: An analysis of library position announcements from 2011 with comparisons to 1996 and 1988. College & Research Libraries, 76(6), 716-739.

Yang, Q., Zhang, X., Du, X., Bielefield, A., & Liu, Y. (2016). Current market demand for core competencies of librarianship—A text mining study of American Library Association’s advertisements from 2009 through 2014. Applied Sciences, 6(2), 48.

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Bullitt County Public Library (KY) chooses Patron Point

Library Technology Reports - Thu, 2020-05-21 11:46
(May 21, 2020). Patron Point announced today that the Bullitt County Public Library of Shepherdsville, KY, has selected its patron relationship management system to help drive its patron engagement and web marketing efforts.
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EarthArXiv announces new partnership with California Digital Library to host earth sciences preprint service

Library Technology Reports - Wed, 2020-05-20 17:45
(May 20, 2020). The Advisory Council of the EarthArXiv preprint service for earth sciences announced a partnership with the California Digital Library that will support EarthArXiv's mission, future growth, and long-term sustainability. Core to this partnership will be the transition of EarthArXiv's preprints server – including public display and submission management – from the Center for Open Science to the eScholarship Publishing program at the CDL. CDL will host EarthArXiv using Janeway, an open source publishing platform developed by the Centre for Technology and Publishing and the Open Library of Humanities at Birkbeck University of London. EarthArXiv's Advisory Council will maintain ownership and control over the preprint server, while the eScholarship Publishing team will contribute to the development, support, and maintenance of the Janeway platform.
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Gale Digital Scholar Lab adds instructional support and gains customer momentum

Library Technology Reports - Wed, 2020-05-20 11:44
(May 20, 2020). Gale, a Cengage company, is providing digital humanities students and researchers with a streamlined learning experience for building text analysis projects. The company has added instructional support to the Gale Digital Scholar Lab with the launch of its new integrated Learning Center. Now users have a learning framework that provides step-by-step instruction that helps them navigate and learn throughout the Lab's workflow. This creates an entirely new structure for teaching best practices, research principles and the iterative nature of digital scholarship, in a manner that's teachable and repeatable, putting research and learning first.
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