Agenda Format

DECISIONS: The items that appear here have usually appeared as discussion items first.  Council members should be able to discuss an important item at one meeting, have some time to think about that item and then come together again to discuss further before voting on the item.
  These items should be taken care of first at each meeting.  These items would include routine things like approval of the minutes, recommendation of budgets, recommendations for personnel, and recommendations for VLC membership.  They would also include decisions about special requests or unusual situations.  Except for approval of minutes, all decisions would be forwarded to the Board as recommendations and would appear on the Board’s agenda.
EXECUTIVE DIR. REPORT: The report from the Executive Director.
DISCUSSION: Items that members or the Executive Director would like discussed and possibly moved to decision items at the next meeting.  Recommendations from committees.
Members will be given a chance to announce events in their libraries that may be of interest to other Consortium members.  The next meeting date will be confirmed.